Career Day at Malvern Prep

Malvern Prep

Dr. Thomas Balshi discussed dentistry and prosthodontics during Career Day at Malvern Prep School on February 9, hosted by the Alumni Association. This annual event has become a special day for the alumni, parents, friends, and students who participate. Senior students attended the event.

Twenty professionals presented information about their careers.
(see photo below) Students had the opportunity to ask questions.

Dr. Balshi spoke to students interested in a career in dentistry in hopes of elevating their knowledge about the field and their enthusiasm for it. (see photo left)Malvern Prep

An Augustinian School, Malvern Prep is an independent, Catholic school dedicated to academic excellence and to the enrichment of each of its students so that he is prepared fully for college and for a leadership role in society.

The school nurtures an environment of cultural and social diversity in which a caring faculty strives to develop in each student the skills necessary to reach his potential.

Speakers included: Michael Aquilino, Tom Balshi ’64, Kevin Barth ’96, Brian Brogan ’91, Bill Carr ’68, Mike Engle ’93, Oliver Frey P’07, Mike Gurnicz P’00’04, Jesse Hamilton ’78, Sid Hodgson ’93, Dave Kirchner, Ted Klinges ’75, Rob Lambert ’93, AJ McAllister P’07, Fr. McBurney, Damon Pettinelli ’89, Dominick Savino ’80, and Mike Shine ’82.

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA