Living Well

Living Well

Montgomery Hospital Shares” Teeth In An Hour” Success

Montgomery Hospital’s long tradition of promoting whole body wellness was recently enhanced by a new and mutually enriching partnership. With Pi Dental Center, located just one turnpike exit away in Fort Washington, MHMC has participated in cutting edge research and treatment development that permits denture wearers or patients with severely compromised teeth to have healthy beautiful, fixed permanent teeth again. The procedure, very gentle to the patient, provides a “extreme makeover” with lasting value to the patient’s overall health and psychological wellbeing.

Developed through joint research in Sweden and Belgium, the technology known as Teeth in An Hour came to the United States in 2003. Based on the use of highly successful dental implants and sophisticated modern prosthetics, this treatment system is designed and built outside the patient’s mouth using computer-assisted tomography and virtual surgery to create the new teeth. As the final step, the implant surgery and instant delivery of the custom-made smile is accomplished in one hour.

The hospital’s role in this exciting new treatment is the radiology component . Teeth in an Hour requires three-dimensional reconstruction of the patient’s bone structure so that through global planning, via the Internet, the virtual surgery can take place. Having the equipment and expertise needed to be pioneers in this revolutionary new process, we are proud to have been invited to partner with Pi Dental Center. Ours is the first and currently only partnership of its kind in the metropolitan Philadelphia area. The first patient treated by this process last fall was featured live on ABC News with Anita Brikman.

Pi Dental Center is a dental care center as well as a research and teaching facility, where two decades of success with dental implants rank them among world leaders in dental medicine. For information on Teeth In An Hour call 215-646-6334.

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA