Smiles by Design

Pi Dental Center has been enhancing smiles for 27 years.

By Sarah Fauser

Philadelphia is well known for its arts scene. But did you know that the city also prides itself on dental work?

It’s home to two of the best dental schools in the country, and a one-of-a-kind dental institution.

The brainchild of Thomas J. Balshi, a board-certified Prosthodontist, Pi Dental Center has been a leader in prosthetic dentistry for nearly 30 years. In fact, they’ve completed more than 40,000 dental implants with a 99 percent success rate, making it possible for their clients to repair their smiles inside and out.

As the oldest and largest institute of its kind, Pi Dental Center regularly receives referrals for complex cases from all over the country.  With their unique knowledge and experience, Dr. Balshi and his team are able to pass their wealth of information on up-and-coming dentists at the Viewpoint teaching center.

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Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA