More Americans Choose Dental Implants

Americans Will Spend $600 Million on Implants in 2003

More Americans Are Choosing Dental Implants

Nearly 350,000 Americans will choose dental implants for tooth replacement this year. That number reflects a 15% increase in the number of consumers who received dental implants in 2002. Why the increase? “As more Americans are needing tooth replacement, they are seeking alternatives to conventional bridges and dentures,”

According to Thomas J. Balshi, D.D.S., lead author of A Patient’s Guide to Dental Implants. (Addicus Books, May 2003.) “Dental implants fuse to the jaw bone, making them as functional as real teeth. They are attractive cosmetically, too.”

As the population ages, more Americans are needing tooth replacement. Nearly 115 million are missing teeth; 20 million are missing all teeth. But generally, the population is uninformed about dental implants. Why? “Because many dentists or dental specialists do not offer them in their family practices, so patients don’t learn about them as an alternative,” Balshi said. He and his co-authors hope this book will help fill the void in consumer information about dental implants.

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Title: A Patient’s Guide to Dental Implants
ISBN: 1-886039-65-8

Thomas Balshi, DDS, William Becker, DDS, Edmond Bedrossian, DDS, Peter Wohrle, DMD
Publication Date: April 2003
Pages: 140
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