Television show “Philadelphia Health Care”

May 1994

Philadelphia Health Care

Advertising/Communications Times, May 1994

The television show “Philadelphia health Care,” for its segment on prosthodontics (dental implants), named Prosthodontics Intermedica, 467 Pennsylvania Ave., Fort Washington, PA 19034 (215-646-6334), to be the shows source of information. Prosthodontics Intermedica is one of the area’s major centers for fixed, removable and implant prosthodontics. Dr. Thomas J. Balshi, D.D.S., F.A.C.P. (front right) is an international authority on the subject. He is pictured here with (left to right) Shannon Patterson, implant patient, Patricia Demusz, Joanne Balshi, Anne O’Callaghan, all Prosthodontics Intermedica staff members, and Dr. Glenn J. Wolfinger, D.M.D. (front left). The show will be seen this summer throughout Eastern Pennsylvania. A free video is available from Prosthodontics Intermedica.

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA