Cleidocranial Dysplasia

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Cleidocranial dysplasia is a rare skeletal disorder also known as Cleidocranial Dysostosis and characterized by short stature, distinctive facial features and narrow, sloping shoulders caused by defective or absent collarbones (clavicles).

Dental abnormalities seen in cleidocranial dysplasia may include:

  • delayed loss of the primary (baby) teeth
  • delayed appearance of the secondary (adult) teeth
  • unusually shaped, peg-like teeth
  • misalignment of the teeth and jaws (malocclusion)
  • extra teeth, sometimes accompanied by cysts in the gums.

Anita was diagnosed with cleidocranial dysplasia and congenitally missing teeth. She was treated at Pi Dental Center using the Teeth In A Day protocal.

Anita has also written her own website outlining her dental experiences.

Patient Before and After Photo

Pre-op Smile Post-op Smile

Patient Pre treatment closeupPatient post treatment closeup

Patient with her sister|

Anita with her sister following treatment

Patient with Drs. Petropoulos and Wolfinger

Anita with Dr. Wolfinger (left) and Dr. Petropolous (right)

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA