This gentleman’s front teeth were damaged due to trauma. The teeth were restored with a dental implant supported restoration at Pi Dental Center. The dental implants were placed by Dr. Slauch. The prosthesis was created by board certified prosthodontist, Dr. Robert Slauch, CM Prosthetics and Pi Dental Center’s Ceramist, Nancy Gausz, who applied porcelain to the front of the teeth for improved esthetics.

Surgical and Prosthodontic Treatment: Placement of two Nobel Biocare dental implants by Dr. Robert Slauch.

Final Restorations: Porcelain Zirconia Prosthesis (CM Prosthesis).

Lab Work: Stephen Balshi, MBE, CM Prosthetics, Fort Washington, PA in addition to Nancy Gausz, Master Ceramist, Pi Dental Center.

Dental Implant Supported Prosthesis Created at CM Prosthetics

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA