Zirconia Crown Treatment

Prosthodontic Treatment: By Glenn Wolfinger, DMD, FACP – Dental implant treatment using Nobel Biocare Nobel Perfect implants followed by placement of Zirconia crowns.

Final Restorations: Full- Contour Zirconia Crowns for teeth 5 to 12 following Zoom tooth whitening for natural teeth.

Lab Work: Provisional Restorations – Toni Robinson (Pi Dental Center In-House Lab) Final Restorations – Stephen Balshi, MBE, CM Prosthetics, Fort Washington, PA. Nancy Gausz (Pi Dental Center In-House Ceramics Lab) stained and glazed the teeth to match the shade that was chosen by patient.

Pre-treatment Photo of Upper Teeth Prior to Crown Treatment Post-Treatment Photo of Full-Contour Zirconia Crowns for Upper Teeth

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA