This gentleman wished to restore his mouth esthetically and functionally. The posterior molars had extremely large restorations; there was crowding in various parts of the mouth; and the enamel was damaged. Zirconia crown treatment for both the upper and lower teeth.

Prosthodontic Treatment: Dr. Glenn Wolfinger restored the mouth using Zirconia crowns.

Final Restorations: Full-contour Zirconia crowns by (CM Prosthesis).

Lab Work: Provisional crowns by Toni Robinson in Pi Dental Center’s in-house lab, Stephen Balshi, MBE, CM Prosthetics, Fort Washington, PA created the final crowns with Nancy Gausz, Pi Dental Center’s Master Ceramist.

Post-treatment photo of a patient who received zirconia crowns with Dr. Glenn Wolfinger

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA