Dental Implants – The Best Investment

Dental Implant Treatment “The Best Investment”

A Patient’s Viewpoint

A dental implant patient discusses the treatment she received at Pi Dental Center and her teeth and mouth now.

“It was the best investment. These teeth are better than my own. I’ve had no problem at all. My real teeth hurt and were loose. I had a lot of pain, couldn’t chew, couldn’t bite. I was embarrassed. The treatment process was not bad. No problems. I’d do it all over in a heartbeat. Now, I get alot of compliments on my teeth. I feel happier and better about myself.”

“I’ve had them for two years.There is no more maintenance than taking care of your own teeth.”

“I’ve eaten foods now that I could never eat before — steaks, bagels, corn on the cob.”

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA