Smile at Delivery of Final Prosthesis

Pre-treatment and New Smile at Delivery of Final Prosthesis Photos and Details:

Prosthodontic Treatment: By Glenn Wolfinger, DMD, FACP – Dental implant placement using Camlog implants. Upper and Lower Tissue Integrated Prostheses.

Final Restorations: Upper – Porcelain/Titanium Tissue Integrated Prosthesis with a Metal Substructure Lower – CM/AvaDent® Titanium Milled Frame Implant Supported Acrylic Prosthesis

Lab Work: Provisional Restorations – Toni Robinson (Pi Dental Center In-House Lab) Final Restorations – Stephen Balshi, MBE, CM Prosthetics, Fort Washington, PA.

Pre-Treatment Smile prior to dental implant treatment Post-Treatment Smile at Delivery of Final Tissue Integrated Prostheses

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA