Dental Implant Treatment Relieves Tooth Pain and Preserves Bone

 Pain Relief is Just a Smile Away.

Lori remembers undergoing dental treatment since early childhood. It seemed that she went to the dentist much more frequently than her friends. She had her first root canal treatment at age ten. Despite continual visits to the dentist, there always seemed to be more to do. By age 33, she had undergone at least 5 more root canal treatments, had lost 10 teeth, had 5 current abscesses, and had been in pain for most of the last 7 years. Lori felt that the treatment she was receiving focused on emergency relief and not moving towards identifying her underlying problems or developing a definitive plan of care. She was in pain, depressed by the way her teeth appeared, and uncertain of whom to turn to for help when a friend recommended she see a prosthodontist for evaluation. She made the appointment. Read our Insights Newsletter to learn more about Lori’s dental care at Pi Dental Center. Insights Newsletter Outlining Patient Treatment in Detail

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