Thirty-Two-Year Success of Dental Implants

Thirty-Two-Year Success of Dental Implants in Periodontally Compromised Dentition.

Balshi TJ, Wolfinger GJ, Balshi SF, Nevins M, Kim DM.

Int J Periodontics Restorative Dent. 2018 Nov/Dec;38(6):827-831. doi: 10.11607/prd.3709.

Abstract: Osseointegrated dental implants have become an integral factor in the replacement of missing teeth. These implants have demonstrated long-term success for periodontally compromised patients, who require a high level of success to maintain a sense of optimism. This case report offers 32-year results of implant treatment in the maxilla and 25-year results in the mandible. Some maxillary implants suffered a few threads of bone loss, but all seven mandibular implants met Albrektsson’s definition of success after 25 years. The purpose of this case report is to provide evidence that further supports the findings of osseointegrated implant treatment’s longevity and success, as reported in other studies.

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