Extractions and Implants

Extractions, implant placement, and immediate loading of mandibular implants: a case report of a functional fixed prosthesis in 5 hours.

Petropoulos VC, Balshi TJ, Balshi SF, Wolfinger GJ.

Private Practice, Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA

Implant Dent. 2003;12(4):283-90.

The purpose of this report is to present a reliable surgical and prosthodontic protocol for immediate loading of implants, allowing patients to receive a fixed implant-supported prosthesis in a matter of hours. The surgical, prosthodontic, and laboratory steps for this protocol of immediate functionally loading the implants are described for the treatment of a 51-year-old woman who presented with a hopeless mandibular dentition and an edentulous maxillary arch. It is possible to decrease the treatment time in successfully restoring the patient’s oral function by means of immediate functional loading of dental implants and immediately placing a fixed implant-supported prosthesis. Compared with the traditional implant protocols, this protocol of a one-visit approach for patient treatment 1) decreases the number of office visits; 2) decreases the treatment time; 3) reduces the patients’ costs; 4) allows the patient to avoid wearing a removable interim prosthesis; and 5) increases the patients’ acceptance of treatment while maintaining predictability in treating mandibular edentulism.


Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA