Lower Molar Replacement

Complications of Mandibular Molar Replacement with a Single Implant: A Case Report

Vicki C.Petropoulos, DMD, MS
Glenn J. Wolfinger, DMD, FACP
Thomas J. Balshi, DDS, FACP

Journal of the Canadian Dental Association
April 2004, Vol. 170, No. 4.

This case report describes prosthodontic complications resulting from the surgical placement of a single implant and treatment following these complications. Both the surgical and prosthodontic procedures are described for the treatment of a 57-year-old man who had previously received a single implant for the replacement of a missing molar. Using 2 implants, 1 mesial and 1 distal to the previously placed single implant proved reliable. A logical treatment solution is to use 2 implants for the replacement of a single molar to avoid prosthodontic complications.

Key Words: dental implants, single-tooth; dental prosthesis, implant-supported; dental restoration failure; treatment outcome.


Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA