Transverse Root Fractures

Osseointegration treatment of transverse root fractures in the region of the alveolar crest.

Hernandez RE, Balshi TJ.

Endodontology Department, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA.

J Endod. 1998 Feb;24(2):145-7.


A method of using osseointegrated implants as an alternative treatment modality for transverse root fractures near the osseous crest is presented. A 15-mm Brånemark implant was placed immediately after extraction of a maxillary central incisor with transverse root fracture. Five months after stage I surgery, the implant was uncovered. Custom fabrication of a substructure core cast directly to the titanium single tooth abutment was necessary due to the palatal inclination of the fixture. An overcasting porcelain fused to gold crown was fabricated to avoid an unesthetic labial access for the abutment screw. This treatment indicates that the use of osseointegrated implants seems to provide an effective solution to replacing teeth with transverse root fractures.


Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA