Case Study: Trayless Implant Impression

Case Study: Trayless implant impression technique for patients with a hyperactive gag reflex

Drs. Stephen G. Alfano, Thomas J. Balshi, Glenn J. Wolfinger, and Stephen F. Balshi, MBE, illustrate a technique that can provide a more comfortable and tolerable patient experience

Implant Practice – Volume 9 Number 3, Jul;9(3):16-19

Complex dental impressions can be a challenge for patients with a hyperactive gag reflex. This article presents a technique to provide the dentist with maximum control over the impression material and avoid contact with intraoral areas that may initiate the gag reflex. A tray is not used, and the rigidity of the impression is provided internally by the immediately loaded provisional prosthesis or an intraorally fabricated acrylic bar.

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