Osseous Defect Treatment

Treatment of osseous defects using Vicryl mesh (polyglactin 910) and the Brånemark implant: a case report.

Balshi TJ, Hernandez RE, Cutler RH, Hertzog CF.

Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants. 1991 Spring;6(1):87-91.


The effectiveness of using Vicryl mesh (polyglactin 910) in combination with a Brånemark titanium implant is described. A maxillary central incisor with an apical osseous defect resulting from endodontic failure was treated with the Brånemark method of osseointegration for single tooth replacement. Vicryl mesh was used over the osseous defect site and uncovered 5 months later. New bone formation filling the defect and around the implant was observed

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Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA