Pi Dental Center Email Attachment Policy

Doctor’s offices and patients frequently send records to Pi Dental Center via email.  If you would like to send records via email, it is suggested that you call our office to alert the staff that we will be receiving them.

Due to the increasing number of cyber security threats and the growing risk of ransomware, malware and viruses, the following attachments will NOT be downloaded:

  • Messages that land in Pi Dental Center’s spam folder
  • Unidentified emails
  • Emails that do not include the sender’s name
  • Emails that do not include the patient name
  • Any messages that our email system flags as suspect

Sending records via a secure transmission system is preferred.

This stringent policy protects Pi Dental Center’s valuable data and safeguards patients’ sensitive records. These strong email policies intensify Pi Dental Center’s HIPAA compliance and therefore, protect our patients’ privacy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Information Technology Department at Pi Dental Center.

Thank you.

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA