Are Dentures Back? Maybe..

This week the national news media focused on a very interesting dental phenomena—the number of young people opting to have dentures. If the older population has missed the impact of what a smile means to self-confidence, the up and coming work force knows the value. Executives do not hire individuals with missing teeth, with crooked teeth, or with severely discolored teeth. We are living in a culture of newfound customer service and one in which a bright and welcoming smile is not only preferred but has actually become a basic requirement.

While the viewpoint from the prosthodontist is still that dental implant treatment is every patient’s most ideal restoration, the process requires the expertise of multiple professionals and the use of very costly materials, equipment and even sophisticated robots. Even the most basic implant restoration known as “All On Four,” can cost over forty thousand dollars for an entire upper and lower sparkling smile. This is not usually financially possible for our thirty-something rising stars.

Dentures come with some compromises, but esthetically today’s dentures can fulfill a life-changing role. Like all other technology, denture science has significantly advanced, giving prosthodontists the tools to provide dentures with a much more customized fit, unparalleled comfort, and a very natural appearance. Moreover, these new, digitally made dentures are virtually indestructible, rendering a one time investment a reasonably solid economic choice.

At the Pi Dental Center, we have actually seen a resurgence of interest in dentures. Thanks to a company called Global Dental Science and a new denture technology known as AvaDent™, our board certified prosthodontists feel confident that they can provide patients who choose dentures with a smile solution light years better than the dentures of a decade ago. Our biomedical engineer, Stephen Balshi, renders his laboratory opinion that AvaDent™ technology applies superlative precision to the denture process and Drs Balshi, Wolfinger and Alfano see clinical results that indicate a high rate of patient satisfaction.

By Joanne Balshi

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  1. Larry Ward says

    I received my implants in 2001, and 2003. They have greatly improved the quality of my life. After 30 years of wearing dentures, I was told by several Dentists that I didn’t have enough bone for implants. Fortunately for me I found Dr. Thomas Balshi of Pi Dental. Dr. Balshi put 6 implants in my lower jaw, and 9 in my upper. For over 30 years I couldn’t enjoy a good chewy steak. Today I can eat any piece of meat no matter how tough it is. Today I eat better, I feel better and I smile more often, because of Dr. Balshi and my implants.
    I recently had my 2nd retread for my lower teeth, using the new AvaDent Digital solution. It was fantastic. The new teeth went in and fit with no adjustments, they feel better and they appear to be holding up better than my old teeth.
    I thank Dr. Balshi and his team every day for improving the quality of my life.
    I highly recommend Dr.Balshi and Pi Dental to anyone who is having problems with their teeth.
    Larry Ward

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