Pi Dental Center: A Comforting Environment For Restorative Dentistry

At Pi Dental Center, discover a comforting, non threatening environment—and much more—for all restorative dental care.

A Rare Formula

“Pi” officially stands for Prosthodontics Intermedica, a multidisciplinary medical approach to engineering smiles that are comprehensively healthy for a lifetime and sparklingly attractive, distinctively suited to each individual patient.

A Comforting Center For Dental CareThe professional website pidentalcenter.com highlights numerous other designations for the signature letters, but probably none is more apparent than “Passionate Ingenuity.” Here is where a truly inspired and experienced team will go far beyond the norm to ensure scientific perfection and total patient satisfaction. The Pi team thinks as if with one mind, embraces as if with one heart. Warmth is evident in every genuinely welcoming handshake and professional passion is defined by immeasurable energy to succeed. Drs. Thomas J. Balshi and Glenn J. Wolfinger have never turned a patient away without a solution. Sometimes “it takes a village,” and the dental village in Fort Washington thrives on their synchronization and their seemingly endless resourcefulness.

Meet a patient named Frank, age 28, alone in the world with both parents deceased and no known siblings. Once homeless and damaged by unknown history, he now resides in a group residential home as a ward of the state, befriended by members of a local church. Frank is eager to hold a job but because of missing, misshapen and numerous abscessed teeth, his best efforts to smile often frightened others, causing him to be rejected. His dream of a life well lived had nearly disappeared until his very loving church friends sought to find him a bridge to a better world.

Frank’s case was doubly challenging because his fear of dental treatment was nearly paralyzing. On the day he received his smile, the first hour was devoted simply to helping him grow beyond his fear and making him emotionally comfortable to accept the gift he so desperately wanted.

With that accomplished, three doctors, one anesthesiologist, one registered nurse and six surgical assistants worked in tandem, strategically ensuring that Pi’s trademarked Teeth In a Day™ would imminently happen and magically transform Frank’s life, like it had transformed many others before him.

The staff gently massaged Frank’s neck as he fell into sleep; the Dr. Balshi deftly performed the surgery; while Dr. Wolfinger flew back and forth into the laboratory to fine tune and custom shape the wonderful surprise teeth that Frank would wake to find in his mouth. Not a dry eye was in the “village” as the procedure came to its close.

This is passionate ingenuity. It happens at the Pi Dental Center almost every day.

Although the Pi Dental Center is a non-threatening and comfortable environment for all restorative dental care, it is also a haven for “Premium Instruction.” Doctors who share the passion for cutting-edge care come from around the world to learn the miraculous strides achievable through implant dentistry, and some of the most prestigious graduate schools in the country send their prosthodontic residents to the Pi Dental Center to be trained.

The blend of skill and compassion at Pi is a rare formula in improving the patients’ dental health, but it is evenly applied for the smallest tweak or the most dramatic dental achievement. (Published in Suburban Life Magazine, June 2012)

by J.M. Kovacs



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  1. Rhonda Williams says

    Pi changed my LIFE! I was blessed to receive all new implants. Before then, I was so ashamed of my mouth and I don’t use the word smile because I hardly ever did. They gave me back my confidence and so much more. It’s not only their expertise and professionalism, but the kindness and re-assurance you have from the second you walk through their doors from the friendly people who greet you at the desk, the staff and I have to say that my personal favorite is Dr. Balshi. He and his wife strive to help people and make their lives happy and that’s what they did for me. I thank God for them everyday! I traveled from South Carolina to their office many times until I completed my procedure and the connection that we all made was amazing. I “do” recommend them all the time. Keep up the good work Pi.

  2. Leslie Carbine says

    This article depicts the individuals and the atmosphere at Prosthodontics Intermedica perfectly. Having been a patient at PI, I can honestly say that there is no finer facility for dental treatment.

  3. Dental Implants Academy says

    The center sounds great. Good to see both USA and UK dental centers share the same best practice.

  4. ExecDentalClinic says

    Nice! The future is for quality dental implants and quality dental treatments where patients are cared for as individuals.

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