Dental Implants for Older Patients

Patient eating corn on cobDental implant treatment has proven to be an effective and predictable method of permanent tooth replacement for older patients.  Evidence has shown that conventional removable dentures are poor substitutes for missing natural teeth.

Studies indicate that patients who have had dentures replaced with fixed implant retained prostheses reported an improvement in their quality life.

Tooth loss and denture wearing is associated with a decrease in dietary adequacy.

Denture wearers have more cholesterol, less protein and fewer vitamins and minerals in their diet.

Any geriatric patient whose systemic health does not preclude a minor oral surgical procedure may be a candidate for osseointegration.

Patient Image

Patients who have osteoporosis have been successfully treated with dental implants.

Studies indicate improved chewing ability as a result of implant therapy.  Implant patients are able to enjoy a more nutritious diet. Where oral function is compromised, so too is nutritional status. There is a relationship between adequate oral function and proper digestion and nutrition.

Many patients believe that they are too old for dental implants. Ninety-year-old patients have been successfully treated with dental implants. Chronological age of the patient is not a determining factor in the prognosis for dental implants.  Dental implant treatment can improve the quality of life for senior citizens!

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