FoxNews 29 features Patty Jackson’s Journey

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Pi Dental Center was featured on FoxPhilly last Sunday evening with a follow up story on our patient, local celebrity, Patty Jackson, WDAS-FM radio host.

This segment highlights the technology of creating high tech titanium implants and porcelain teeth.  For the past several months, Patty has been wearing a full set of very real looking non-removable acrylic dentures.  These temporary teeth have been keeping the high profile DJ in business while her new teeth are made. Using a host of models and computer graphics, Pi Dental Center’s biomedical engineer, Stephen Balshi designs the size and fit of each of Patty’s new crowns.  He makes porcelain teeth for the top and a stronger acrylic set for the bottom.  Both are mounted onto titanium bridges.  Nobel Biocare, a milling facility in northern New Jersey, known worldwide for its quality and precision completes the process of building Patty’s teeth.

Fox 29 News Story: Community Helps Boy With No Nose


Local doctors and loving families from two very different worlds join forces behind an incredible little boy who survived a tragic attack.  FOX 29’s Joyce Evans has a tear-jerking story about how far good people are still willing to help when a child is hurt.

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