Zygomatic Implants and the No Bone Solution

Implant-supported non-removable teeth have many advantages compared to removable conventional dentures including improved stability, greater comfort, easier chewing ability, and a healthier jaw bone. Zygomatic Implants and the No Bone Solution is a viable option for patients with very little bone in the jaw.

People who have worn dentures for many years realize the dentures will not stay in place and are uncomfortable, even with frequent adjustments and copious amounts of adhesive.

These denture-wearers have less bone than required for standard dental implant treatment. People who have certain medical conditions and illnesses can also have less bone. Until recently, they were not candidates for dental implants, without very invasive bone grafting procedures, extending treatment time by many months.

The No Bone Solution™ is a special treatment protocol developed at the Pi Dental Center. It combines unique computer-guided implant surgery with precision screw-retained fixed prosthodontic rehabilitation of the severely atrophic maxilla. The protocol eliminates the need for invasive bone grafting and extensive procedures.



Learn more about Zygomatic Implants and the No Bone Solution. This protocol significantly reduces treatment time compared to alternative procedures.

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