Fabrication of a Gingival Mask

A Removable Gingival Replacement Unit

Thomas J. Balshi, DDS, PhD, FACP
Glenn J. Wolfinger, DMD, FACP

Figures and Graphics

gingival mask Figure 1: Fixed detachable implant supported prosthesis in the maxilla that was fabricated before the development of pink porcelain . Implant components and interproximal porcelain are visible when the lip is fully retracted.
gingival mask Figure 2: Application of the Triad visible light-cured denture base resin material on the lubricated maxillary tissue integrated prosthesis showing the initiation of the cutting and shaping of the gingival mask.
gingival mask Figure 3: Left side of gingival mask has been cut and shaped to the appropriate gingival contours and continuation of the right side is shown using a blade and plastic instrument.
gingival mask Figure 4: Extraoral view of the gingival mask after fabrication. Complete light curing has taken place, followed by trimming, pumicing, polishing, and application of air barrier coating (Dentsply).
gingival mask Figure 5: The gingival mask in place showing the esthetic result achieved by masking out the interproximal tooth-colored porcelain and the implant components, and shortening the clinical crowns.

Esthetic Dentistry Update, Vol. 6, No. 5, October 1995.

Fabrication of a Gingival Mask: A Removable Gingival Replacement Unit.

Gingival Mask Photos

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