Harvard Graduate Doctors Observe

Harvard University Students

Harvard Graduate Doctors Observe

Local Doctors to Demonstrate Innovative Procedures to Harvard Graduate Doctors

Fort Washington, PA (Feb 2006) – Drs. Thomas Balshi, Glenn Wolfinger and Stephen Balshi lectured to students and faculty from Harvard University School of Dental Medicine about both Teeth In A Day and Teeth In An Hour protocols at the Institute for Facial Esthetics in Fort Washington, PA on February 3rd and 4th, 2006.

The presenters lectured to twenty-two graduate doctors from both the Periodontal and Prosthodontic departments from Harvard University School of Dental Medicine. The course spanned two days and involved both lectures and live interactive surgeries.

Teeth In A Day is ideal for the patients who have their own teeth, but they are badly decayed or loosening due to bone loss. With this procedure, a patient can leave the prosthodontist’s office after a few hours with a fixed implant supported set of teeth.

The cone beam and CAD-CAM technology and virtual planning that is involved in Teeth In An Hour has allowed patients to receive a fully functional and esthetic prosthesis in less than sixty minutes. This procedure works best for denture patients or patients who are missing a single tooth or a section of teeth and they have healed gums and bone.

Pi Dental Center, at the Institute for Facial Esthetics, specializes in the replacement of missing, periodontally hopeless and severely decayed teeth. The center offers advanced solutions like zirconium CAD/CAM crowns and bridges, but focuses primarily on Nobel Biocare’s Brånemark System of dental implants. Implant procedures are supplemented with genetically engineered growth factors to accelerate the healing process. Patients enjoy immediate function with implants following either the Teeth In A Day or Teeth In An Hour protocols. The Institute in Fort Washington is a major teaching center and source of research information about dental implants.

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA