All-Ceramic Teeth with the No Bone Solution

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This patient was told by another dentist that she was not a candidate for permanent teeth with dental implants because she sustained advanced bone loss from decades of wearing removable dentures.  After many consultations she considered having extensive bone grafting from her hips. This procedure was risky, painful and had a high chance of failure. The process would have taken 19 to 24 months to complete.

Closeup of smilePrior to making a final decision about hip grafting, the patient was referred to the Pi Dental Center for one last opinion. CT Scans confirmed extensive bone loss, but permitted virtual implant planning for the placement of zygomatic and pterygomaxillary implants using the No Bone Solution protocol in conjunction with the Teeth In A Day® treatment method. This treatment required a minimal number of visits.

Surgery was performed during the first visit following the initial consultation. Implants were placed and a set of non-removable teeth were provided.

Ten weeks later impressions were made for the final prosthesis.  The last visit consisted of changing the provisional prostheses for the final CM Prostheses in the upper and lower jaws. Now she is all smiles!

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