Dental Implants in Diabetic Patients

Dental implants in the diabetic patient: a retrospective study.

Balshi TJ, Wolfinger GJ.
VA Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA. [email protected]

Implant Dent. 1999;8(4):355-9.

It has become increasingly common for controlled diabetic patients to be considered as candidates for dental implants. This study reports on the results of placing implants in 34 patients with diabetes who were treated with 227 Brånemark implants. At the time of second-stage surgery, 214 of the implants had osseointegrated, a survival rate of 94.3%. Only one failure was identified among the 177 implants followed through final restoration, a clinical survival rate of 99.9%. Screening for diabetes and trying to ensure that implant candidates are in metabolic control are recommended to increase the chances of successful osseointegration. Antibiotic protection and avoidance of smoking should also be considered.

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