Dental Implant Rehabilitation Article

Implant rehabilitation of a patient after partial mandibulectomy: a case report.

Balshi TJ.

Quintessence Int. 1995 Jul;26(7):459-63.

Radical surgery was performed to remove the left side of the mandible in a patient diagnosed with mandibular carcinoma. For 36 years, the patient functioned with a hinged, removable partial denture anchored to the remaining natural dentition on the mandibular right side. Because of deterioration of the remaining natural dentition, the patient could no longer function with the partial denture. In lieu of reconstruction with a bone graft, the patient chose to undergo treatment with osseointegrated implants to permit insertion of a stable prosthesis with a cantilevered extension into the area of the surgical resection. The rigid attachment of the prosthesis to the remaining mandible provided function as well as soft tissue support in the area of the surgical defect.

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