A Master Ceramist Is A Valuable Asset

A porcelain crown is a piece of artwork and patients who have crowns on their front teeth are displaying artwork for everyone to see.

At Pi Dental Center, our resident artist is Nancy Gausz. She is a Master Ceramist and Dental Lab Technician. Having an in-house ceramist allows us to achieve superior esthetic results. An in-house lab technician is a luxury that few other dental offices have. A Master Ceramist Is A Valuable Asset.

The Master Ceramist

Nancy Gausz joined Pi Dental Center in 2016. Nancy has worked in the Dental Technology field for over 30 years. It is a field that is ever-evolving with technology and products that change and improve. For example, during the last decade, we have seen remarkable advances in CAD / CAM digital dentistry. She works closely with the doctors and clinical staff  and CM Prosthetics dental lab to deliver the exceptional results in ceramic restorations.

Nancy works directly with our dental patients in the office providing chairside custom shading. This customized approach is both convenient for our patients and adds an enhanced dimension to the level of treatment. It also improves the patient’s final result!

The Dental Restoration

A dental restoration must look natural and attractive. The shape and shade of the teeth must suit the individual. A front crown must match the adjoining teeth. Unique markings on the new crown must match adjacent teeth. Nancy uses stains and glazes to duplicate and blend characterizations and color variations.

In addition to Zirconia and eMax crowns, Nancy does custom layering on Zirconia cores, fuses porcelain to metal for upper and lower arch crowns, and glazes eMax porcelain veneers. She builds crowns onto dental implant restorations.

A Master Ceramist is the artist that finishes your dental restoration, whether it’s a crown, veneer or fixed implant restoration. At Pi Dental Center, Nancy ensures that our patients’ dental restorations look both fabulous as well as natural. A Master Ceramist is a valuable part of the team at Pi Dental Center.

Photo Caption: Master Ceramist, Dental Lab Technician, Nancy puts the final touches on a Zirconia crown while Andrea assists. Matching the front teeth is a very complex and delicate procedure. Nancy uses stains and glazes to duplicate and blend any characterizations and color variations. After the crown is artistically perfected, it is fired in a porcelain oven (kiln).

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  1. Ruby says

    I have temporary prosthetics done on all on 4 upper( zygomatic) and all on 4 lower and looking for permanent as I was supposed to get permanent. Do you guys do them and how much

    • Pi Dental Center says

      Thank you for your interest in upper and lower dental implant treatment at Pi Dental Center. We will contact you to discuss treatment options and to schedule an evaluation.

  2. Mary says

    Nancy is an artist…..I have crowns on my front teeth and I can’t imagine how they would match so well in an office without a Ceramist.

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