The Power of a Smile

Never underestimate the power of your smile. The smile can elicit a positive emotional response in you and in the recipients of your smile. If you are comfortable with your teeth, you tend to smile more often. The proportions of your teeth affect the beauty of your smile. Dentists use the Golden Ratio and other detailed calculations to create beautiful smiles. Prosthodontists study this Golden Ratio in greater detail than other dentists to create exquisite smiles.

The Golden Proportion and Balance

Beauty is the phenomenon of experiencing pleasure through the perception of balance. The Greek philosophers admired beauty and its unique balance in nature. They realized that all natural beauty was in proportion and admired this natural proportion. They created art in accordance with this proportion. Beauty is related to harmony and harmonic proportions. These proportions, known as “Golden proportions,” are found in facial and dental elements.

The Golden Proportion of dentistry is a mathematical analysis tool for assessing the positions of the teeth.

“Understanding Golden Proportion is essential in designing a smile. It balances the proportions of the front and side teeth. We design dentures, crowns, and implant supported restorations using the concept of the Golden Proportion,” says Dr. Wolfinger. “Prosthodontists receive extensive training in this concept.”

The Effect of a Smile on the Brain

A smile signals your brain telling it you are happy. In this way, smiling can boost your mood, even if you are feeling irritable. Studies suggest that smiling can help to relieve stress.

Impact of the Smile on Your Life

How you feel about your smile has a prevailing impact on your life. There is a positive emotional response to a smile. Emotions are contagious.

Kareem J. Johnson, a psychologist at Temple University, has been studying the relationship between smiling and how it affects mood and attention. In two studies, he found that people who smiled genuinely and often showed significant performance gains and better attention to detail. Johnson says, “The study showed that positive emotions help people see the big picture.”

Your smile can boost creativity, efficiency, and even your immunity.

Effects of Not Smiling

Failure to smile negatively affects a person’s emotions and their view of the world. People who don’t smile lose the emotional benefits of the smile. In addition, they do not see other people’s smiles directed at them. Many of our new patients at Pi Dental Center have not smiled in a long time because they’ve been hiding their teeth. Some of them have to relearn how to smile.


“The face is the primary focal point of attraction. And the smile has a lot to do with that. Furthermore, a smile is one of the first things that people see when they meet you. This is why it is so important for prosthodontists to focus on the beauty and symmetry of the smile, the art of the smile, to give a result for patients that will be a truly esthetic outcome,” stated Dr. Robert Slauch.

Smiling is a vital contributor to health and well-being. If you are hiding your smile because of the condition of your teeth, call Pi Dental Center for a complimentary evaluation. We can help you improve your teeth and start smiling again.

Author: Chris Raines

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA