Patient Testimonials

New Patient

I am a new patient with a few emergency visits and now recently a cleaning. Unbelievably kind, courteous, friendly, very informative hygienist Dolly and the best Dr. Wolfinger, so very professional and very imformative. I have only had about five visits yet I trust Dr. Wolfinger with caring for this … [Read more...] about New Patient

Fan of Dolly

This was my first experience with Dolly. She was reassuring, professional, thorough, and truly delightful. As usual, the staff was courteous and accommodating. I always look forward to my visits to Pi Dental. … [Read more...] about Fan of Dolly

Condifence Restored

Thank you everyone at Pi Dental. You have restored my confidence. I’m so pleased with my teeth and I appreciate the care and overall pleasantness you have all contributed to making my smile whole again! You’ve mad a difficult situation so much more bearable. I’ll be smiling a lot more now! Thanks so … [Read more...] about Condifence Restored

Dental Phobic

As a dental phobic my experience was very good. The staff and doctors made me feel comfortable and wanted as a client. All of the staff have very excellent people skills and made me feel at ease as all phases of my examination and treatment plan were formulated and scheduled. I would have no problem … [Read more...] about Dental Phobic

Nordstrom of Dentistry

The Nordstrom of dentistry.  If you have a " problem" with anything THEY FIX IT ! With the same professionalism and courtesy even AFTER you paid. They are so consistently pleasant EVEN when I ( sorry) was Not? They continued to be as pleasant- I asked if something was in the water- cause its like … [Read more...] about Nordstrom of Dentistry

Dream Come True

PI Dental is a dream come true for me. The most professional and friendly dental staff I have ever worked with, and there have been many in my lifetime. I now have a healthy full mouth of beautiful implants. Even though I live in New York I don't mind the 3.5 hour drive each way twice a year for … [Read more...] about Dream Come True

Another Perfect Visit

Another perfect visit to Pi. Arrived a little early and they started my appointment early too. The entire staff is friendly and welcoming, putting you right at ease. Dolly did all of my cleaning and is just such a professional, and really nice to chat with. Dr. Wolfinger was thoughtful, asked … [Read more...] about Another Perfect Visit

Best Visit Ever Had

"You can tell that the whole staff loves their jobs by how enthusiastic, kind and caring everyone is. There was no dental shaming at this dental practice! All procedures were explained so well I hardly had any questions. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was the best visit to the dentist I have … [Read more...] about Best Visit Ever Had

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA