A Zoom-Sensational Smile and Presence During Online Meetings

Learn how to have a Zoom-Sensational Smile. Zoom has become an integral part of communication. While we used it was often before the pandemic, it has become an indispensable resource during the lockdown, and is now used in almost every area of life. Your appearance in Zoom meetings is just as important as in-person because it can reflect your level of self-confidence. This blog will discuss how to look great in front of the Zoom camera. 

Zoom is not going away

While in-person meetings are slowly resuming, businesses realize that Zoom meetings are convenient and much less costly.

Here Are Tips for Looking Your Best in a Zoom Meeting

Placement of camera/monitor: Find your most flattering camera angle. The worst angle is from below. Don’t sit too close to the laptop. To see yourself before the meeting, log in to Zoom and select New Meeting. Adjust your camera angle as needed. Position the camera at eye level or a little higher. If you are using a laptop, consider elevating it with a box or stack of books.

If you are using your phone for a Zoom meeting, a mini tripod is a plus. Another option is simply to use a mug and a pop socket. Rest the phone on the mug using the pop socket.

Setting up a cell phone with pop-socket for a zoom meeting

Consider the Background: Make sure that the background is tidy. Remove any clutter that is behind you. Position yourself so that family members will not be walking behind you or interrupting your meeting. Place a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door or make others aware that you will be in a Zoom meeting. Remove any sensitive information that you might not want other participants to see. Consider using a virtual background.

Maximize Zoom Settings: In your Zoom portal, Click Preferences. Click Settings. Click Videos. Set to Wide Screen and Enable HD. Then Click Touch Up My Appearance.

Daytime Lighting: Back lighting will put you in shadow. Try to position yourself with the light coming from a window that is directly in front of you. Side lighting will cast a lot of shadow.

To find the best lighting in your house, turn your cell phone camera on yourself and walk around your house to find the ideal location. However, the weather does not always cooperate and sometimes you need to use artificial lighting.

Auxiliary Lighting: Set a lamp up facing you and on the other side of your laptop to illuminate your face. If you plan to take part in Zoom meetings frequently, a ring light can be a excellent investment because it provides great supplemental light. It comes with a telescoping stand. Overhead lights will cast shadows and make you look hollow under the eyes.

Sound Quality: Try to eliminate noise distractions. Mute your phone. Keep the microphone close to you.

Stay Engaged: Remember that you are on camera. Don’t let your eyes wander. Avoid looking off to the side, touching your face, or playing with your hair. When you are speaking to the group, look into the camera lens. It will appear as though you are making eye contact with the audience.

Your Appearance: Wear flattering clothing that is appropriate for the subject of the meeting. Choose business-appropriate or casual clothing depending on the situation. Consider wearing bright colors. Maintain good posture. Sit up with your shoulders back.

Your Smile: Smile!! Look pleasant. Your smile is just as important on-screen as in person. Broken, stained, and missing teeth not only detract from your appearance, they can also reduce your confidence to participate actively in the Zoom meeting.

Call Pi Dental Center for a smile makeover. Our board-certified prosthodontists can give you bright gleaming teeth and give you a Zoom-Sensational smile for your next online meeting!

Chris Raines, Pi Dental Center, Marketing and Information Systems Manager

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