Convenience All Under One Roof

Pi Dental Center is dedicated to convenience all under one roof to ensure efficiency and provide dental care with a minimum time commitment for our patients. Many dental offices bring patients back for multiple appointments and layered steps in treatment. We aim to provide expert treatment with as few visits as possible. This approach improves the quality of care for the patient. 
All Dental Treatment Under One Roof Means Convenience

It should be noted that once a consultation has been accomplished and a treatment plan established, Pi Dental Center’s trademarked Teeth in a Day® protocol sees a patient through from implant placement to the final delivery of the smile in as few as three well-engineered visits.

the dental lab technician designs prosthesis

Having all service under one roof is the key to simplifying a patient’s treatment experience.

Besides eliminating the transmission of information from one office to another and risking the possibility of error, single office care ensures that the team is in sync in treatment from start to finish. Pi methodically documents every detail so that, from the initial consultation visit to the final delivery of the smile, there is a continuity of care. Pi is a complete dental health center where all restorative and cosmetic dentistry from tooth whitening to single tooth implant treatment to a total smile makeover with All-On 4 dental implants happens within one location. In addition to saving the patient time, all care under one roof makes dental implants more affordable. It also reduces the usage of sterile consumables and staff time in preparing treatment rooms. Among the most valuable assets to treatment in a comprehensive center is the on-premises availability of the dental labs as well as the laboratory technicians. Our lab technicians frequently meet the patient to discuss preferences such as tooth shade and shape. At Pi Dental Center, our technicians are a vital part of the team and a critical component of patient satisfaction.


Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA