Investing in High Quality Dentistry

Over the years, some patients have asked why dental treatment is so expensive. Investing in high quality dentistry is a priority for educated consumers. As with any type of service, there are ways for patients to help control the cost of their dental treatment. The easiest and most important way to do so is to have routine cleanings, radiographs, and dental exams. Prevention is the best way to reduce or eliminating dental problems. When patients do not have these regular check-ups, minor problems become enormous problems, and emergencies often arise at the most inopportune times, such as during vacations or on holidays. Through the years, we have found that our regularly scheduled hygiene patients have been able to maintain their dental health cost-effectively through high quality dentistry.

High-Tech Dentistry

Patients sometimes question the rising cost of their restorative dentistry. Dental restorations today are being fabricated using high-tech methods. Digital scanners, milling machines, and 3-D printers are being used to improve the quality of dental restorations. The improved strength and fit of dental restorations has led to a better long-term prognosis for restorations. Incorporating these new technologies into dental offices and dental laboratories comes with an increased cost factor.

High-Quality Dentistry

Pi Dental Center has been a leader in providing high-quality prosthodontic restorations for over forty years. While competitive offices and chain practices have moved into the area promoting discount services, we have remained focused on our mission of providing the highest quality service to our patients. This process starts with our well-trained and experienced administrative staff and continues with our exceptional clinical and laboratory staff. A large percentage of our staff has been a vital part of the Pi Team for decades. This experience is unmatched by our competition.


Another unique difference at Pi Dental Center is our in-house laboratory support. Planning and designing cases with the direct supervision of the Prosthodontist improves the quality control of the laboratory work. This element of treatment is completely outsourced at most other dental offices. Providing all the services under one roof is a true advantage for patients who value their time and want an efficient process.


Experienced dental assistants with expanded function education training also help to improve the level of care. In addition, Pi Dental Center works closely with leading dental manufacturers to ensure that patients are receiving current state-of-the-art technology.

When some patients ask why treatment is so expensive, it is because of the substantial commitment necessary to provide the highest quality dentistry available. There is truly no better return on your investment than to choose a skilled and experienced dental practice. While there will always be cheaper options, Pi Dental Center remains focused on its mission to be the best choice for high-quality dental care.

High quality dentistry will help you ensure healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA